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10 Benefits of a Walk-Behind Mower

4/18/2023 12:45:32 PM

Choosing the right lawnmower is one of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy, green, and beautiful. For many homeowners, the classic walk-behind lawnmower is the perfect tool for the job.

These time-tested machines can handle anything a small-to-medium-sized lawn can throw at them. Here are some benefits of walk-behind mowers that might make them the right choice for your yard.walk-behind-in-blog-image-(1).jpg

1. Versatile

Walk-behind mowers come in many varieties. Engine horsepower, ground speed, and other functions can vary dramatically from model to model. That makes them useful for a wide range of lawns, from small residential yards to large commercial properties (if you’re up for a walk, that is).

2. Maneuverable

Walk-behind lawn mowers easily maneuver around obstacles, reaching areas of lawn that might be difficult or impossible to mow on a larger machine. Their smaller size makes them a great fit for lawns with water features, gardens, and trees that you’ll need to weave around when mowing.

3. Affordable

Due to the size of their engines and simpler features, walk-behind mowers tend to be much cheaper than riding and stand-on mowers. They also incur much lower yearly maintenance costs. Many homeowners go with a walk-behind mower for this reason alone.

4. Easy to Maintain

Walk-behind lawn mowers are generally low maintenance, with few moving parts that need to be serviced or replaced. If you change the oil, sharpen or replace the blades, and clear out grass clippings wedged underneath the machine, you can keep your mower running for years.

For blades and other walk-behind mower accessories, check out our parts store here.

5. Easy to Use

Walk-behind lawn mowers are easy to handle and require almost no practice to use, making them a great choice for homeowners who want to maintain their lawns themselves. Just point where you want to go and squeeze the throttle handle.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Gas-powered walk-behind mowers have smaller engines that burn less fuel than larger mowers making them the more environmentally friendly choice for a smaller yard.

7. Gets You Moving

Yes, mowing the lawn can be a chore – but it can also be great for your health! Pushing a walk-behind lawn mower can be a great source of exercise, especially for those with larger lawns. If you’re seeking a productive way to get those steps in, look no further.

8. Quieter

The larger, more powerful engines in stand-on and riding lawnmowers often create a lot more noise than walk-behind mowers that have smaller engine sizes.

9. Safety

Walk-behind mowers don’t pose the same risk that a riding or stand-on mower possibly could.

These machines are perfect for maneuvering around obstacles or easily being able to move anything that might be in your way while trying to get that perfect mow without having to repeatedly get off and on your mower every time your kids leave a toy in the yard that you told them to pick up multiple times.

10. Customizable

Walk-behind lawn mowers can be customized with various features and accessories, such as baggers and mulching blades to suit your specific lawn maintenance needs. This adds even more versatility to walk-behind machines.

They can be exactly what you need to get the job done.

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