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Ariens New 2020 Snow Blowers

9/14/2020 1:20:15 AM

Innovation and performance are what earned the Ariens brand The King of Snow® designation and what ensures we stay on top. This winter, we’re excited to expand the performance of our snow blowers to smaller jobs with the new S18 Single-Stage, Crossover and Compact Two-Stage Series which provide a customized experience at a self-served pace and Auto-Turn® steering, combining Ariens power with lightweight precision.


The new Ariens S18 snow blower uses the power of our traditional snow blowers in a smaller machine. Lightweight and easy to use, the S18 uses our innovative paddle system to clean to the pavement leaving a freshly shoveled look. With its power and performance, the S18 is the ideal snow blower for small jobs of 1-8 inches of snow. Its small build makes it easy to store and maneuver and has the reliability expected from all Ariens snow blowers.



The Ariens Crossover snow blower provides a two-stage snow blower with single-stage precision. The large 14-inch wheels make the snow blower easy to maneuver through up to 12 inches of snow. The Crossover has three different handlebar heights and an auger that touches the ground pulling the user forward as it tackles higher snow volumes than the traditional single stage models.


Compact Series


New this year, Ariens is introducing Auto-Turn® steering to the Compact series snow blowers. The innovative technology has zero-degree steering that delivers smooth, even turns. The advanced feature is traditionally offered on Deluxe, Platinum and Professional snow blowers but now extends to the Compact Series.