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Choosing the Right Snow Blower for Your Budget

12/5/2023 10:39:29 AM

As winter approaches, the anticipation of snowfall can either evoke feelings of excitement or dread, depending on how prepared you are for the inevitable task of snow removal. When it comes to clearing snow from driveways and walkways, a reliable snow blower can be your best ally.

Whether you're on a tight budget or willing to invest in a top-of-the-line model, choosing the right snow blower requires careful consideration of your needs and the features offered by various models.

We also have a very helpful snow blower selector that can assist in narrowing down your search at any time of year. In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider and provide some features that determine snow blower pricing.

Things to consider when buying a budget-friendly snow blower

Snowfall Amount and Type

Consider the average snowfall in your area and whether it tends to be light and fluffy or wet and heavy. If you regularly get lots of wet, heavy snow, a lower-budget machine may not have the power needed to keep your sidewalks and driveway clear. If not, a lighter, smaller, model might do the trick and save you some money up-front.

Power Source

Snow blowers are available in various models. Gas-powered snowblowers offer more mobility and power but require more regular maintenance. Depending on the person, other models may be easier to maintain but can lack the same amount of horsepower as gas-powered machines.

Terrain and Driveway Size

Consider the size and terrain of the area you need to clear. Smaller, flat areas may be suited for compact models, while larger or sloped areas may require a more powerful, self-propelled unit.

What affects snow blower pricing?

Snow blower prices vary based on a few common features. More budget-friendly snow blowers often have these key characteristics, so keep an eye out for these features if you’re looking for something affordable.

Affordable snow blower features

  • Smaller: The smaller the unit, the less snow it can move – but it’s also friendlier on the wallet.
  • Single-stage: This means that the snow blower scoops and throws snow in one motion, which makes the machine less powerful while still having more than enough for light-to-moderate snowfall.
  • Single-speed or self-propelled: Budget-friendly snow blowers may have some forward drive but many depend on the user to push from behind.

These models will generally be smaller, simpler machines with less advanced features, making them simpler to maintain and store. That’s a great added benefit to finding a more affordable model, especially for those who may not see much snowfall each year.

However, if you think you’ll be using your snow blower for regular, heavy snow, you may want to consider something more powerful.

Features of more expensive snow blower models

  • More power: Generally fueled by gas motors to tackle areas with heavy snow.
  • Wider clearing area:  Higher-priced snow blowers use their more powerful engines to clear larger areas in one pass.
  • Two-stage: Two-stage snow blowers separate gathering and throwing snow into two separate operations, offering greater power to both mechanisms.
  • Multiple speeds and forward/reverse: Many gears allow for greater mobility, which is essential for these larger snow blowers.
  • Premium accessories: Heated handgrips, electric start, lights, power steering – just to name a few quality-of-life additions you might find on a more expensive model.

Finding the right budget-friendly snow blower for you

Choosing the right snowblower requires an honest assessment of your specific needs and budget constraints. Whether you opt for a more affordable model or invest in a high-end snow blower, the right model will tackle your winter weather with ease. Understanding the key features that drive snow blower pricing can help you find the right option for you based on your needs.

To help you locate the perfect snow blower for your needs, you can see our full snow lineup here or check out our snow blower selector here.

If you do have a heavy amount of snow to clear and need a more expensive machine, consider the financing options we offer on our snow blower models. This is a great way to get the tools you need to clear your property without breaking the bank. Locate your local Ariens snow dealer here.