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Best Snow Blowers for 2022

9/16/2022 11:31:22 AM

It’s September and Fall is in the air. You suddenly need a sweater for evening walks, and it won’t be long before leaves will be falling everywhere. But those leaves won’t be the only thing falling before Spring hits again.

Maybe you’ve been nursing along an older snow blower for the last few seasons, crossing your fingers you’ll get another year out of it. Maybe you’ve been a faithful shovel person who’s still looking for the right time to upgrade to something that does the work for you. Either way, this year’s Ariens lineup is one of the best we’ve had in a long time and a great time to step up your game.  

So, before you get overwhelmed by all the options out there, let us give you a couple benchmarks to consider based on your needs.

Here are the top five Sno-Thros® in the Ariens lineup this season:

1. Deluxe 28 SHODeluxe-28-SHO.jpg

One of our best-selling units for years now, the Deluxe series of Sno-Thro offers a perfect combination of power and value. While all the models in the Deluxe series have their selling points, the Deluxe 28 SHO does a really great job of bringing it all together. Powered by an Ariens AX 306cc engine, you have 15 lb.-ft. of torque to dig through the deepest, wettest white stuff out there. The real treat is the Super-High-Output (SHO) impeller which is generally only available on our Platinum and higher products. This high spinning fan in the back of the housing keeps the augers clear to pick up more snow and then launches it out of the chute up to 55 feet (read: the neighbor two houses over with the annoying Christmas lights … his driveway). An LED dash light helps for dawn and dusk clearing, and its cast-iron gearcase and all-steel construction tie together that traditional Ariens quality as well.

2. KrakenKraken-(1).jpg

Did you read the name? There really isn’t much more that needs to be said. Quite simply, this is the most badass machine we’ve ever built that doesn’t require formalized operator training. If there’s a feature a snowblower needs, it has it, and then a few extra just to be sure. Based on our Professional series, a 420cc engine with electric key start and electronic fuel injection (EFI) means more power than even reasonable is on tap, launching snow a yard-spanning arc of 60 feet! RapidTrak technology with electronic track adjustment for any terrain, hydrostatic transmission giving infinite speed control on the fly, electronic chute control, and enough LED lights to get passers-by to flash their brights at you. We say, “When Hell freezes over, this will be the machine they use to clear it out” and that’s not an exaggeration. 

3. PathPro 21 Remote ChutePathPro.jpg

Launching snow to the next county is fun, but there’s something to be said for simple and effective snow clearing too, and, let’s be honest, most people don’t need to move that much snow that often. Single stage paddle machines are common for homeowners and the go-to for many commercial crews for good reason - they can tackle most snowfalls up to 9 inches and throw snow up to 35 feet. The best part about a single stage is they clear right down to the pavement for a clean finish without a second pass.  This 21” machine even has a remote chute for added convenience.

4. Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrakPlatinum-28.jpg

Gravel driveway, steep incline, hidden ice under the snow – we feel your pain. Our wheeled units are some of the best in the industry, but sometimes wheels don’t cut it. Our RapidTrak (think tank treads) is the industry-leading solution to effortlessly tackle all the above. A single lever allows you to switch between track or wheel mode depending on your terrain. And for when you need the added pressure on the housing, a dig-in mode allows you to plow up and clear that heavy compacted snow with ease. As a Platinum machine, you also get the benefit of heated hand grips, LED headlight, and our 369cc Ariens AX engine to turn the work of clearing snow into fun.

5. Professional 28Professional-28.jpg

When you are ‘The King of Snow,’ all your equipment has to stand up to heavy use. That said, we created a line of Sno-Thros that can withstand the added rigor of daily commercial use. The best part? You don’t have to be a pro to step up your snow blowing game to pro level. Powered by our Ariens AX 420cc engine, the Professional 28 can clear 79 tons of snow per hour and throw it 60 feet away – out of sight, out of mind. Standard, as well, are all the features a Professional would demand of a commercial Sno-Thro: heated hand grips to keep you going for hours, LED headlight to tackle the blizzard without waiting for daylight, all-steel construction with commercial grade handlebars, and a cast-iron gearcase for the durability and reliability that leaves Ariens alone at the pinnacle of the market. Thousands of customers bet their business on this machine, and that should say it all.

Hopefully this list has you thinking about what machine makes sense for you. If you found a winner above, that’s great! Use our dealer locator to find the closest place to pick up your new Ariens. Still unsure? That’s fair, these are only five models. We’ve got nearly 30 options this year for you to consider!

You can always visit our Snow Blower Selector tool to help you see options that best fit your needs. Once you find your perfect machine, make sure to show us what you got. Tag us on social media with #snowready so we can see how you plan to tackle this winter!

Nik Krueger, AriensCo Product Manager – Snow
A Wisconsin native, Nik is no stranger to snow. Growing up in an Ariens household, his first experience with a Sno-Thro was being promoted from shovel to ST824 as a kid. As the product manager for all Ariens Snow products since 2021, Nik has enjoyed being part of continuing to grow the Ariens heritage and product line. When his driveway (and the neighbors’) is clear, he enjoys time in the snow skiing, snowboarding, and tubing with his kids.