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Ariens Re-Enters the Walk-Behind Category

2/22/2023 9:18:18 AM

As Ariens continues to grow, the brand has recently announced its entrance back into the walk-behind category. Director of Residential Product, Andy Massignan, took some time out of his day to chat with us about the Ariens RAZOR.

Why did Ariens re-enter the walk-behind category?

Ariens has re-entered the walk-behind category because it’s the number one product for most homeowners in the US to handle their lawn care needs. We also saw a mutual benefit with our snow line, offering lawn and snow products to make sure we are the power equipment manufacturer for all seasons.

How many models are available?

We’re proud to offer four models in the RAZOR line up:
1. RAZOR 21 Push
2. RAZOR 21 Self-Propelled
3. RAZOR 21 REFLEX™ Self-Propelled
4. RAZOR 21 Dual Blade REFLEX™ Self-Propelled

What is LaserEdge® Eversharp™ Technology?

LaserEdge Eversharp technology is a proprietary offering from one of our Ariens suppliers. This technology applied to the blade of the high-end units allows the blade to self-sharpen as it cuts, meaning that you don’t have to have a standard maintenance interval saving the customer time. The blade will need to be replaced, but it could last five years, or even longer, in normal use.

What are the benefits of REFLEX Speed Control Technology?

The REFLEX speed control technology on the Ariens RAZOR allows the speed of the machine to match the pace of the operator. This ensures that whatever speed the operator wants to walk, the machine will follow like a reflex. If you want to go fast or slow, the machine is going to exactly match your speed. This allows you to make quick work of your mowing job.

What are the highlighted features?

For our all-new RAZOR line, all models feature some common elements. The first is a 5.5” depth commercial quality deck. This gives you superior mulching and cut performance. We also feature large, easy rolling 8-inch wheels on the front and 10-inch wheels on the back. All models feature a 7 position height of cut adjustment from 1 to 4 inches, as well as a 3 position handlebar allowing the operator to find the most comfortable position for them. Last but not least, the entire RAZOR line-up is powered by Briggs & Stratton® engines.

Why should customers purchase the RAZOR?

Customers will want to buy a RAZOR because it delivers one of the best cut qualities in the market. Mowing with a RAZOR will allow you to mow faster and minimize the amount of time you spend cutting your lawn, especially in wet and heavy grass. In addition to that, we focused on operator comfort. We have premium touch points on the wheel and handlebar adjustments. Lastly, we offer premium branded features like the powerful Briggs & Stratton engines, as well as LaserEdge shelf sharpening blades.

What sets the RAZOR apart from competitors?

What sets the Ariens RAZOR apart from our competition is our cutting geometry. The design of our deck has a commercial depth of 5.5” allowing grass to be atomized in that cutting chamber, whether you’re discharging, mulching or bagging. In any condition, you’re going to have a great cut with the Ariens RAZOR.

What accessories will be available for the RAZOR?

Like most Ariens products, parts and accessories will be available for the new RAZOR lineup. This includes equipment covers as well as dual LaserEdge blades that will be available to up fit on the lower end models. Other accessories will be available over time.  

What are the warranty options?

We are excited to offer 3-year warranties on our push and self-propelled models and 4-year warranties on our two high-end REFLEX models. You’ll find that these warranties are a year or two years longer than most of the competition in these price points.

Where can I purchase the RAZOR?

The RAZOR line-up will be available beginning in Spring 2023 at Ariens Dealers in the United States and Canada as well as retail stores including Fleet Farm, Lowe’s, Northern Tool & Equipment and True Value in select markets. Our Ariens Dealer Locator will help you find a store near you.

Learn more about the RAZOR on our website.