Professional 21


Front 3/4
Back 3/4

Commercial-grade power and durability with a compact design.

Engineered for those who move loads of snow from several sites in a given workday. Compact, functional design allows commercial users to clear snow and transport easily. Built tough for commercial durability. Remote chute rotation available. Starts at $649.

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Reinforced Steel Housing

Heavy-duty steel construction built to withstand commercial use and frequent transportation. Overly tough design maintains housing geometry and effectiveness.

Scraper Bar

A spring-loaded, self-adjusting scraper bar ensures snow is cleared to the pavement surface in a single pass.


Thick, commercial-grade paddle cleans to the pavement surface and is built to withstand twice as much concrete grating.

Smart Lift

Smart-engineered lift points mean reduced user fatigue during transport.

Easy Maintenance Open Engine Design

Ariens AX 208cc engine opens easily for maintenance to the spark plug, recoil, and carburetor.

Optional Remote Chute

Direct snow to where it needs to be without stopping machine for manual adjustment.

Professional 21 Series Models

Professional 21 SSR

Ariens Professional 21 SSR 938024 3.5 6
  • 938024
  • ​Manual chute rotation
  • 57 Tons/Hour
  • Ariens AX Engine 208cc
  • Starting at $649

Professional 21 SSRC

Ariens Professional 21 SSRC 938025 3.5 6
  • 938025
  • ​Remote chute rotation
  • 57 Tons/Hour
  • Ariens AX Engine 208cc
  • Starting at $699