Power Brush


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Power Brush 36

Power Brush

Make that driveway shine. These power brushes clear slush, sleet, snow as well as leaves, sand and more, all the way to the ground. The 40° pivoting brush head pushes it in the direction you want. 28” or 36” clearing widths. Starting at $1,999.

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All-Season Bristles

The strong-to-the-end bristles clear out slush, snow, leaves, dirt, sand and more. And the all-season engine backs it all up.

Pivoting Brush Head

The brush head pivots 40° to clear debris in the exact direction you want or for operation in tight, confined areas.

Height Adjustment System

No matter if it’s concrete, grass, gravel or dirt, easily adjust the brush level to clear all the way to the ground.

Heated Hand Grips

Maintain precise control in the coldest of temperatures with the heated handgrips.

Large Tires

Superior traction and control, no matter the surface or season, for more efficient clearing.

Triggerless Steering

A steering differential senses turning and locks up one wheel so the machine turns easier.

Power Brush Series Models

Power Brush 28

Ariens Power Brush 28 921025 3.5 6
  • 28” Clearing Width
  • 169cc Subaru
  • 6 Forward/2 Reverse Speeds
  • Starting at $1,999

Power Brush 36

Ariens Power Brush 36 926062 2.5 2
  • 36” Clearing Width
  • 265cc Subaru
  • 6 Forward/2 Reverse Speeds
  • Starting at $3,199

Hydro Brush 36

Ariens Hydro Brush 36 926518 0 0
  • 36” Clearing Width
  • 287cc Subaru
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Starting at $4,199