Special Editions

Drastic Measures?
Consider Them Taken

There are parts of the world where snow doesn’t fall lightly from the sky as much as it is unloaded in a deluge of snowpocalyptic proportions. We know those regions well. So well in fact, they have inspired our four Special Edition snowthrowers. No matter which snowridden landscape you call home, with one of these beasts you won’t bat a frozen eyelash at even the biggest blizzard. After all, to Special Editions, blizzards are mere appetizers to a main course that has yet to be forecast.


This is the result of taking the reins off the engineers and giving them the instructions to build something that embodies our "King of Snow" moniker. When hell freezes over, this will be the machine it uses to clear it.

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Mountaineering edition

Mountain winters are 100% predictable: it's going to snow and it's going to snow a lot. We've embraced that harsh reality by developing a machine to take on whatever the mountains dish out.

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Alpine edition

The pinnacle of power - exactly what this machine delivers. When you see the Alpine badge you will know you have the machine designed for mountain peaks and peak performance.

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Great Lakes Edition

Lake effect snowfalls are legendary and this machine was built to put them in their place. But don't think for a second that this beast is only for Great Lakes residence, it's perfect for folks hit by Noreaster storms too.

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