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Ariens to Attend Snow and Ice Management Show in Montreal June 21-22

6/5/2017 5:00:00 AM

By: Jessica Bedore,

​Representatives from Ariens Company will be on hand at the Snow and Ice Management Show from June 21-22 in Montreal, Canada. 

The company will disply a a wide variety of snow removal products, including several brand-new releases that have not yet been announced to the public, at booth number 1017. In addition to the new products that will be at the show, Ariens will also display a Professional 36 Hydro Sno-Thro with EFI technology, and a 36-inch Ariens Power Brush. 


During the show, attendees can take advantage of fleet savings on snow products. Those who spend $5,000 USD or $6,750 CAD at the show will receive 20 percent off their order. 

To set up an appointment with an Ariens Company representative at the show, please click here and enter your information

Ariens' sister brand Gravely will also have a prescence at the show in the same booth, number 1017. Gravely will display a variety of lawn and garden products, including several snow clearing solutions from the brand's commercial line of equipment. 

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A Seasonal Guide: Summer Lawn and Landscape Care

6/1/2017 5:00:00 AM

In partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals​, Ariens is providing its customers with a variety of lawncare tips. For more tips and tricks to achieving the perfect lawn, please visit​​.

Summer brings outdoor barbeques and backyard play for children of all ages.​ ​​As many people spend more time outdoors during the summer months than any other time, follow these tips for a healthy, entertainment-worthy yard.​

​Water, correctly. Many people think the summer months mean water frequently – but the way you water is more important than the fre​quency with which you water. G​rass and plants are resilient and have mechanisms that help them deal with summer heat. For instance, grass may go dormant and look brown during times of drought, but, if it is well cared for, it may return to normal when there is adequate moisture. Efficient tips for watering include:​

  • ​​Water your plants less often, but deeply.
  • Water in the early morning or evening hours so the sun and heat don't steal moisture from your plants. Ideally, grass should get at least one inch of water per week.
  • Use drip irrigation instead of sprinklers and hoses. Drip irrigation waters plants slowly so the water doesn't run off or evaporate.​

Ensure the health of your grass.​

  • Have your lawn aerated to improve oxygen flow and check the soil pH balance to ensure the healthiest grass.
  • It’s not too late to fertilize. It is important that your grass has adequate fertilizer, which provides the nutrients necessary for good health.
  • Remove weeds from grass as they steal nutrients.​​​​

Mow correctly. Many homeowners are tempted to mow their grass short to minimize the frequency of mowing; however, proper mowing techniques will help promote the good health of your lawn.

Give attention to the plants on your deck and patio. Many people add potted flowers and herbs to their outdoor living spaces in the summer months. If doing so, protect your investment and enjoy them fully by watering potted plants regularly, add mulch to pots to help retain moisture and place them in spots where they will get shade during the day.

​​​Consider a container drip irrigation system. There are some available that connect to a timer and your hose bib. This is particularly useful if you plan to go away for more than a day during the hot summer months.

Note: You can help your yard win the battle with drought by choosing the right plants to begin with. Plants that are native to your region will be best adapted to your weather conditions and will need less water. Even if you choose natives, be sure those natives are listed as drought tolerant since even some natives prefer wetter conditions. You can also choose drought-resistant or low-water plants and turf varieties. Ask your landscape professional for advice when selecting new plants.

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Ariens® Launches New Website and Dealer Locator

5/31/2017 5:00:00 AM

By: Jessica Bedore,

​As summer approaches and a new season of landscaping is underway, Ariens® has launched a brand new website, highlighting the portfolio of outdoor power equipment products and the company's unique family history.

The re-designed website has been in the works for more than a year and provides the ultimate educational shopping experience for consumers. New features include a product selector tool for both lawn and snow products where customers are able to choose from several criteria to match to best product to their property and landscaping needs. The site also includes expanded product information and spec comparisons for customers to compare products side-by-side. A fully re-designed dealer locator provides an efficient shopping process and individual dealer landing pages provide insight into each dealers' product offering and services. The website's simplified layout and easy navigation were a top priority based on consumer feedback and analytics, and makes it easier to find product information in a quicker, more efficient way.

The new website prominently features the company's unique history to provide insight on the 83-year-old brand. It includes content on the current Ariens museum along with a detailed timeline of product and company history. Also included are stories about employees currently working for Ariens in a variety of capacities to highlight the company's strong American manufacturing roots. Ariens' new commercial, "Putting your Name on Something," is also featured under the "Our Name" section, which is dedicated to the company's current national advertising campaign.

"Last year, we unveiled a new, redesigned logo for the Ariens brand, and this year we are continuing to evolve the Ariens brand with a new website," said Ariens Company VP of Marketing, Matt Medden. "The website features a sleek, clean design with the refreshed product line-up and 'Our Story' at the center of attention. It's a testament to the hard work our employees put into making sure that we have the best product this industry has to offer. We take great pride in our work, and this site shows that. We're committed to providing a best-in-class experience for consumers."

Ariens unveiled its new model year 2017 products at the 2016 GIE + Expo show in Louisville, Ky. Consumers can view and demo the new equipment at their local Ariens dealership.