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Ariens® Introduces RapidTrak™ Sno-Thro® Technology, An All-New, Exclusive Track System

10/4/2017 5:00:00 AM

​Ariens® introduces RapidTrak™ Sno-Thro® technology, an innovative system designed to combine the best of both wheeled and track Sno-Thro machines.  

The RapidTrak system is designed to move fast, matching the speed of wheeled Sno-Thro model. The track design gives users the option of using a full track system for ultimate grip and traction or adjusting the back wheel of the track up, creating a faster, more maneuverable system. In the wheel setting, it is easy to turn the RapidTrak machine at the end of a driveway or around obstacles.

RapidTrak also includes a third setting, which allows the user to tilt the housing of the machine down towards the ground while in track mode, helping to dig into the snow and clean to the pavement. Track adjustments are easy to make; a trigger on the right handlebar allows the user to easily adjust any setting on the go.  


"The RapidTrak is the latest innovation we've created for the Ariens brand," said Ariens Company VP of Marketing Matt Medden. "With a completely redesigned track system, we've been able to capture the best of both a track and a traditional Sno-Thro unit, bringing unmatched efficiency to our customers."

For 2017, The RapidTrak system will be available on two Sno-Thro models -- the Hydro Pro 28 RapidTrak (926060) and the Hydro Pro 32 RapidTrak (926069). The 28-inch model will have a MAP price of $3,099 (USD) and the 32-inch model will have a MAP price of $3,399 (USD). These units offer a three-year residential warranty or a one-year commercial warranty.

Both models include hydrostatic drive, which allows the unit to maintain power through all ranges and depths of snow, keeping the machine moving fast while clearing snow. Hydrostatic drive also provides infinite speed control so users ca​n find the perfect speed for their specific job.

​Already, RapidTrak has made a splash in the industry, with wide coverage from industry publications like Lawn and Landscape​, Landscape Management, Total Landscape Care​, ​​Turf Magazine and more. 

The RapidTrak will be available in October 2017 exclusively at authorized Ariens dealers in the United States and Canada.