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Platinum 30 SHO

Fully loaded, both with power and convenient features.

If you’re the type who wants it all, meet your snow blower. Top-end residential blower includes heated handgrips, Super High Output impeller, Auto-Turn Steering Technology and premium Ariens engine options. 14” auger diameter. High 21” housing height eats up the drifts. Blows snow up to 55 feet and clears 73-83 tons/hour based on model. Choice of 24-30” clearing widths. Available as EFI​. ​

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Heated Handgrips

The dash-controlled heated handgrips keep your digits warm, for more precise control and more comfort during longer sessions.

Auto-Turn Steering

We brought a zero-degree turning radius to snow blowing, delivering smooth, precise, even turns and saving you time.

EFI Engine

The optional Electronic Fuel Injected engine starts easier, delivers efficient and more consistent power and uses less fuel.
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SHO Impeller

Super High Output impeller throws snow far and fast, up to 83 tons/hour, which allows auger to pull in more snow.

All-Steel Frame and Dash

Handlebars, dash, housing, multidirectional chute and even the skid shoes are 100% steel.

Cast-Iron Gear Case

Produces an industry-leading auger ratio, clearing out more snow. Backed by an equally industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Platinum Series Models

Platinum 24 SHO

Ariens Platinum 24 SHO 921050 4.5 419
  • 24” Clearing Width
  • 73 Tons/Hour
  • AX 369cc Gen 3 by Ariens
Ariens Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrak Sno Thro

Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrak

Ariens Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrak 921057 5 1
  • ​28” Clearing Width
  • 55’ Throwing Distance
  • 369cc Ariens AX engine

Platinum 24 SHO EFI

Ariens Platinum 24 SHO EFI 921053 4 16
  • 24” Clearing Width
  • 73 Tons/Hour
  • AX 369cc EFI/E-GOV by Ariens

Platinum SHO Track 28

Ariens Platinum SHO Track 28 921052 4.5 276
  • 28” Clearing Width
  • 77 Tons/Hour
  • AX 369cc by Ariens

Platinum 30 SHO

Ariens Platinum 30 SHO 921051 4.5 276
  • 30” Clearing Width
  • 83 Tons/Hour
  • AX 414cc Gen 3 by Ariens