The first to launch.

Introducing EZ-Launch™ EFI from Ariens —
the industry’s first and only engine that starts fast, saves fuel and changes the way you send snow flying.

Be the First to Launch

snowblower engine

Start Smarter.

EZ Launch™ makes starting simple compared to other snow blowers. Just turn the key and fire up on a single pull in any conditions at any temperature.

snowblower engine

Sip Fuel. Gobble Snow.

EZ-Launch™ EFI engines create a more fuel efficient combustion, making every drop of gas count and giving you more snowfalls per gallon.

snowblower engine

Knowledge is Power.

The EZ-Launch™ features an electronic governor to eliminate speed loss, delivering consistent throwing performance and an ultra-quiet idle.

snowblower engine

EZ does it.

A completely sealed unit, the EFI fuel system eliminates maintenance costs. It won’t gum up in the off-season, so you can pack it away with plenty of peace of mind.

Send a ton flying.


On average, an EFI powered Ariens launches 73 tons of snow per hour.
Or 15,000 shovelfuls

Turn Key to ON
Pull Start or use Electric Start

Send a ton flying.

Take on the season with the first and only EFI engine in the industry.

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