• ​​60” cutting width
  • Kawasaki® FR691 ​engine
  • 726cc​​​​
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2 Bucket Bagger

With the Ariens 2-Bucket Bagger, you can finish mowing your lawn quickly and efficiently. The bagger uses 2 compartments to collect grass clippings as you mow so you can keep working without frequent stops.

  • Part Number: 81504900

Hitch Kit

Turn your Ariens zero-turn into a multi tasking machine by simply adding the hitch kit. The robust design of the hitch kit allows you to pull a multitude of accessories such as pull behind sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, and utility trailers.

  • Part Number: 71514900

LED Headlight Kit

Mow longer, later, and safer with an OEM headlight kit that is great for mowing while dusk approaches and visibility becomes difficult. 

  • Part Number: 71514100

Mulching Kit - 60 in.

This OEM mulching kit helps you return nutrients to your lawn while keeping your yard looking professionally manicured time after time. The mulching kit features easy-to-install baffles that fit under mower decks.

  • Part Number: 71514400

Zero Turn Equipment Cover

Protect your mower from the elements with the durable Ariens zero turn cover.

  • Part Number: 71515200