• Powered by 277cc Kohler CH395 engine with infinite speed hydrostatic drive
  • All-season, all-surface brush clears debris all the way to the ground
  • 40° pivoting brush head (20° left/right), Adjustable brush height, Heated handgrips, Large multi-surface tires, Interlocking handles for one-handed operation, Commercial-grade handlebars, 12V key start
  • Starting at $4,299
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Bristle Replacement Kit

Replenish the effectiveness of your Ariens Power Brush with a bristle replacement kit. 

  • Part Number: 72602600

Debris Deflector Kit

The Ariens Debris Deflector Kit helps to direct debris to the ground increasing operator safety. 

  • Part Number: 72602300

Front Caster Mounting Kit

Maximize the stability and control of your Power Brush with a front caster mounting kit, allowing you to brush away with added comfort and ease. 

  • Part Number: 72602700