Brillion STEM Program

The Ariens Company has a legendary history to live up to. That’s why we’re fully committed to the future. In 2007, the Ariens Foundation partnered with the Brillion School District to create and shepherd their high school Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program, guiding the innovative thinkers and doers of the 21st century.

​From 4K kindergarten all the way through high school, students in the Brillion STEM program participate in “real world” project-based learning experiences to develop their ability to think, work on a team and solve problems. At Brillion High School, STEM students compete in engineering contests to design high-mileage vehicles inspired by Ariens products.

​Our investment in local education has paid off. Since 2007, STEM enrollment and engagement has exploded throughout the entire community, turning the Brillion, Wisconsin area into a manufacturing powerhouse. Our STEM students have become leaders in business and industry across the country, including many who’ve made the short trip down the road to join us at the Ariens Company.