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Introducing the Ariens Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrak

9/5/2018 5:00:00 AM

​Prepare for another relentless snow season with our latest snow thrower.​


Ariens has expanded its famed Sno-Thro lineup by introducing the Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrak. Blending our trusted, quality Sno-Thro platform with our distinct, patent-pending RapidTrak feature provides a well-balanced package heavy on features with more functionality than other snow throwers on the market.

What's in that name?

Like the Ariens brand itself, there's a lot in this name. Though model 921057 is new, it's part of the Platinum-series Sno-Thro family. It's built on the same frame and comes standard with popular features, including:

  • Heated hand grips
  • Patented quick-turn chute control
  • Auto-Turn™ steering
  • RapidTrak track-drive system

It's also equipped with the same super-high-output (SHO) engine / impeller combination found on every Platinum model. Its 28-inch clearing width makes it easier to clear driveways with fewer passes.

The competitors' track record

Tracks, as opposed to wheels, have been available in snow-throwers for years. Tracks easily clear sloped driveways and paths with deep treads and large contact area. Though tracks work well, other brands don't have a system that balances traction with speed and ease of operation. Past snow throwers' track-drive systems have been slow, heavy and turn poorly, which is why Ariens developed RapidTrak.

What's special about RapidTrak?

RapidTrak, which has already been used on two Ariens Professional-series Sno-Thro models, is a track / wheel hybrid offering the best of both worlds. RapidTrak combines the superior grip on steep slopes with the fast ground speeds and maneuverability of wheel-driven units.​

You can also adjust between three height settings with RapidTrak:

  • ​"Track" sets the tracks flat on the clearing surface for maximum grip
  • "Digger" angles the track carriage to pitch the auger housing down and into the clearing surface
  • "Wheel" lifts the tracks off the ground for easy turning

Uniquely unmatched

RapidTrak is unlike other packages, which is why it's part of a uniquely unmatched brand. For generations, Ariens has incorporated all-steel construction and American craftsmanship into every Sno-Thro design, creating a reputation for time-tested durability and experience that's in a league of its own.​

​Click here to learn more about the new Platinum RapidTrak.​

You Earned a Labor Day Sale

8/29/2018 5:00:00 AM

By: Aaron Abler, Email Marketing and Content Specialist,

​From one group of hard workers to another, we want to express our appreciation for the time you put in during the last year. Though you might think it doesn't matter to us, the Ariens® brand tends to believe that a world with a strong work ethic is a more innovative, productive and earnest place.

 To show our gratitude, we're honoring you with something special. This (extended) Labor Day Weekend only, September 1-3, take 10 percent off your entire purchase at our online store, If you're not familiar with our parts and accessories store online, this is great news for the do-it-yourselfers. From parts to accessories to lubricants, browse hundreds of items for your Ariens zero-turn, Sno-Thro®, single stage snow thrower or other product. 


Replacement parts

Since we're still in the heat of the mowing season, replacement parts and orders of maintenance items for Ariens zero-turn mowers are extremely popular. Among our largest orders in this segment are the typical wear parts like belts and blades. If you notice a reduction of your cutting quality, it's a good indication that it's time for a new belt, razor-sharp blades or a combination of both.


By this time in the season, our guess is that you've logged enough mowing hours to change your engine and / or your transaxle oil, if applicable. Well, like replacement parts, oils and lubricants are only a click away. Don't ignore this one – make sure you're performing regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your Ariens equipment lasting to its full potential.


Speaking of full potential, have you maximized the use of your zero-turn? Ariens offers a variety of accessories such as mulch kits, trailer hitch kits and headlight kits that are available for most models. Now that daylight hours are waning, it's the perfect time to install a headlight kit for extended productivity. Take that, Earth's rotation!

For the northerners, we have a treasure trove of Sno-Thro accessories. Though we haven't seen a flake so far, it's never too early to think about adding comfort to your work with a Sno-Thro cab or a pair of hand warmers. Additionally, enhance operating experience with a set of tire chains or our smooth-gliding polyurethane skid shoes.

There's a lot to offer, so have fun browsing. Just remember to fit some relaxation into your weekend. You deserve it.

Six Tips for Weed Control

8/28/2018 5:00:00 AM

By: Katie Kuchta, LawnStarter,

​Mowing your lawn in late summer can be a relaxing activity to get away from the stress of daily life. Many homeowners enjoy their time on their mowers by being able to quickly get the job done under the summer sun. One of the quickest ways to ruin your time mowing is to see pesky areas of weeds. Follow these tips for controlling weeds:

1. Keep Grass High

Higher grass means less room and light for weeds to germinate and grow. It also helps keep the soil insulated and prevents the lawn from drying out during the hot summertime.

2. Dig Only When Needed

When you disrupt the soil to dig a new garden bed or landscape, the edges of the lawn becomes prime ground for new weeds to appear. Dig only when necessary to create a new beautiful landscape.

3. Apply Weed Control

Be sure to follow the instructions and apply weed control when recommended. The best spring lawn care action is to apply pre-emergent herbicide that allows you to kill weeds before they grow.

4. Mulch Around Trees

Add mulch around trees in order to suffocate weeds under a bed of bark dust or grass clippings. Mulching not only returns important nutrients to the soil but it can also protect trees in your yard.

5. Know When to Weed

The best time to weed your lawn and garden beds is right after rain when the ground is especially wet. This makes pulling weeds so much easier because young weeds only need a small tug to come loose.

6. Spacing Counts

When planning a new garden bed or landscape around your lawn, knowing a plant's size helps when spacing another plant right beside it. Close spacing prevents weeds from growing in between plants and keeps the yard looking its best.​

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