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Ariens® celebrates its 4 millionth Sno-Thro®

10/10/2018 5:00:00 AM

By: Aaron Abler,

Quantity is a result of our quality

In 1960, Ariens® was asked by a distributor in the Northeast to develop a product that could make easy work of clearing snow for the people living in the crosshairs of New England'​s infamous nor'easters. The solution was the revolutionary Ariens Sno-Thro®.

In the 58 years since, the popularity of our snow thrower has expanded far beyond the Northeast region of the U.S. and into all corners of the globe. Like all Ariens-branded products, innovation in engineering, incorporation of user experience studies and quality manufacturing practices thrust the machine into the market's top spot as the dominant performer; the ​King of Snow®.

Our tradition of excellence has allowed us to continue the lineage of the iconic Sno-Thro, and in big numbers. Our journey to the 1 millionth Sno-Thro, which took 27 years, was a big enough statement. Now, 31 years after that first milestone, we achieved our 4 millionth Sno-Thro.

On Monday, Oct. 1, AriensCo hosted a celebration to commemorate the accomplishment at the b​irthplace and world center of the Sno-Thro, our corporate headquarters in Brillion, Wisconsin. A space that normally serves as a staging area for engines and other production materials was converted into a stage for the presentation and an audience gallery for employees, guests and elected officials.​

Governor Scott Walker and Ariens President Dan Ariens celebrate 4 millionth Sno-Thro 

Governor Scott Walker and Ariens President Dan Ariens celebrate 4 millionth Sno-Thro

Backdropped with orange-lit Sno-Thro crates and two large digital display screens, AriensCo Chairman and CEO, Dan Ariens, with help from Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, presented the 4 millionth Sno-Thro. As Ariens explained, the graphics of the commemorative showpiece is a nod to our hometown.

"What you see on there is a map overlaid on top of the black matte paint. It's a topographical detail of the area we're standing in, including the longitude and latitude of Brillion, Wisconsin," said Dan Ariens.

Ariens 4 millionth Sno-Thro 

After both hosts completed their closing remarks, Walker presented Ariens with a decree issued from the State of Wisconsin that proclaimed Oct. 1, 2018 as Ariens Sno-Thro Machine Day. In return, Dan Ariens gave the governor a cast trophy in the likeness of the 4 millionth Sno-Thro, featuring the new, patented RapidTrak™ design.

Governor Scott Walker and Ariens President Dan Ariens celebrate 4 millionth Sno-Thro 

Ariens employees celebrating 4 millionth Sno-Thro event 

When the ceremony was complete, Governor Walker was escorted to the assembly line to help start our journey to the 5 millionth Ariens Sno-Thro. With help from manufacturing leaders, Walker participated in the final steps of the Sno-Thro assembly procedure, including the application of a decal AriensCo is especially proud of.

"Now the most important part—made right here in the USA," said Walker as he peeled the decal from the reel and applied it onto the Sno-Thro housing.

Governor Scott Walker and Ariens President Dan Ariens working towards 5 millionth Sno-Thro 

To watch the event, log on to the Ariens Facebook channel and look for the video of our live broadcast of the celebration.

Mulching Grass is an Effective Fertilizer

9/28/2018 5:00:00 AM

Use your own grass for a healthier looking lawn

Did you know you can fertilize your lawn using its own grass clippings? A mulch kit enhances curb appeal by returning your lawn’s nutrients to the soil for a full, lush lawn.

What's a mulching kit?

Mulching kits are systems of blades and baffles that promote a swirling airflow under a lawn mower deck. The baffle blocks the discharge chute, trapping grass clippings, while specially shaped blades cut and recut the clippings. This results in very fine grass mulch that falls to the soil where it decomposes and feeds your lawn.


Mulching promotes grass growth

As grass mulch decomposes, this "lawn food" returns primary nutrients like nitrogen and water to the soil as fertilizer. Mulching grass also provides other benefits:

  • Retains soil moisture
  • Loosens hard soils and promotes oxygenation to grass roots

Mulching saves time and money

Though bagging clippings results in a clean, fresh look and is advantageous in certain applications, it takes more time. Bagging collection systems need to be emptied, and depending where you live, the grass clippings may need to be transported to a dump site.

Discharged grass clippings will need to be raked, and that’s time wasted. Not just immediately after you mow, but later in the season when you'll have to dethatch that layer of dead grass from the soil bed.

Applying store-bought fertilizer? It's a good solution for a nice lawn, but it costs money. Remember, mulch is organic fertilizer, so there's no need to visit a store or spend extra money.

The best way to mulch

To yield the best results from mulching:

  • Cut grass before it gets too long
  • Cut grass when it's dry (this will help avoid clumping)
  • Mow regularly
  • Don't collect leaves before cutting

Mulch from fallen leaves is very nutritious. Sugar maple leaves have even been shown to inhibit growth of leafy weeds, like dandelions.

Installing a mulch kit

Mulch kits are easy to install and can remain in place all season long. Unless it’s the weedy season, it's recommended to mulch each cutting for a lush, healthy lawn.

Mulch kits for all Ariens Zoom, Ikon X, Ikon XL and Apex zero-turn mowers can be purchased through a dealer or at the Ariens online parts store. Easy-to-follow instructions will guide the installation at home, or, if preferred, with help from your nearest Ariens dealer.

Introducing the Ariens Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrak

9/5/2018 5:00:00 AM

​Prepare for another relentless snow season with our latest snow thrower.​


Ariens has expanded its famed Sno-Thro lineup by introducing the Platinum 28 SHO RapidTrak. Blending our trusted, quality Sno-Thro platform with our distinct, patent-pending RapidTrak feature provides a well-balanced package heavy on features with more functionality than other snow throwers on the market.

What's in that name?

Like the Ariens brand itself, there's a lot in this name. Though model 921057 is new, it's part of the Platinum-series Sno-Thro family. It's built on the same frame and comes standard with popular features, including:

  • Heated hand grips
  • Patented quick-turn chute control
  • Auto-Turn™ steering
  • RapidTrak track-drive system

It's also equipped with the same super-high-output (SHO) engine / impeller combination found on every Platinum model. Its 28-inch clearing width makes it easier to clear driveways with fewer passes.

The competitors' track record

Tracks, as opposed to wheels, have been available in snow-throwers for years. Tracks easily clear sloped driveways and paths with deep treads and large contact area. Though tracks work well, other brands don't have a system that balances traction with speed and ease of operation. Past snow throwers' track-drive systems have been slow, heavy and turn poorly, which is why Ariens developed RapidTrak.

What's special about RapidTrak?

RapidTrak, which has already been used on two Ariens Professional-series Sno-Thro models, is a track / wheel hybrid offering the best of both worlds. RapidTrak combines the superior grip on steep slopes with the fast ground speeds and maneuverability of wheel-driven units.​

You can also adjust between three height settings with RapidTrak:

  • ​"Track" sets the tracks flat on the clearing surface for maximum grip
  • "Digger" angles the track carriage to pitch the auger housing down and into the clearing surface
  • "Wheel" lifts the tracks off the ground for easy turning

Uniquely unmatched

RapidTrak is unlike other packages, which is why it's part of a uniquely unmatched brand. For generations, Ariens has incorporated all-steel construction and American craftsmanship into every Sno-Thro design, creating a reputation for time-tested durability and experience that's in a league of its own.​

​Click here to learn more about the new Platinum RapidTrak.​

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