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Six Tips for Weed Control

8/28/2018 5:00:00 AM

​Mowing your lawn in late summer can be a relaxing activity to get away from the stress of daily life. Many homeowners enjoy their time on their mowers by being able to quickly get the job done under the summer sun. One of the quickest ways to ruin your time mowing is to see pesky areas of weeds. Follow these tips for controlling weeds:

1. Keep Grass High

Higher grass means less room and light for weeds to germinate and grow. It also helps keep the soil insulated and prevents the lawn from drying out during the hot summertime.

2. Dig Only When Needed

When you disrupt the soil to dig a new garden bed or landscape, the edges of the lawn becomes prime ground for new weeds to appear. Dig only when necessary to create a new beautiful landscape.

3. Apply Weed Control

Be sure to follow the instructions and apply weed control when recommended. The best spring lawn care action is to apply pre-emergent herbicide that allows you to kill weeds before they grow.

4. Mulch Around Trees

Add mulch around trees in order to suffocate weeds under a bed of bark dust or grass clippings. Mulching not only returns important nutrients to the soil but it can also protect trees in your yard.

5. Know When to Weed

The best time to weed your lawn and garden beds is right after rain when the ground is especially wet. This makes pulling weeds so much easier because young weeds only need a small tug to come loose.

6. Spacing Counts

When planning a new garden bed or landscape around your lawn, knowing a plant's size helps when spacing another plant right beside it. Close spacing prevents weeds from growing in between plants and keeps the yard looking its best.​