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Ariens® Celebrates its 4 Millionth Sno-Thro®

10/10/2018 5:00:00 AM

Quantity is a result of our quality

In 1960, Ariens® was asked by a distributor in the Northeast to develop a product that could make easy work of clearing snow for the people living in the crosshairs of New England'​s infamous nor'easters. The solution was the revolutionary Ariens Sno-Thro®.

In the 58 years since, the popularity of our snow thrower has expanded far beyond the Northeast region of the U.S. and into all corners of the globe. Like all Ariens-branded products, innovation in engineering, incorporation of user experience studies and quality manufacturing practices thrust the machine into the market's top spot as the dominant performer; the ​King of Snow®.

Our tradition of excellence has allowed us to continue the lineage of the iconic Sno-Thro, and in big numbers. Our journey to the 1 millionth Sno-Thro, which took 27 years, was a big enough statement. Now, 31 years after that first milestone, we achieved our 4 millionth Sno-Thro.

On Monday, Oct. 1, AriensCo hosted a celebration to commemorate the accomplishment at the b​irthplace and world center of the Sno-Thro, our corporate headquarters in Brillion, Wisconsin. A space that normally serves as a staging area for engines and other production materials was converted into a stage for the presentation and an audience gallery for employees, guests and elected officials.​

Backdropped with orange-lit Sno-Thro crates and two large digital display screens, AriensCo Chairman and CEO, Dan Ariens, with help from Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, presented the 4 millionth Sno-Thro. As Ariens explained, the graphics of the commemorative showpiece is a nod to our hometown.

"What you see on there is a map overlaid on top of the black matte paint. It's a topographical detail of the area we're standing in, including the longitude and latitude of Brillion, Wisconsin," said Dan Ariens.

After both hosts completed their closing remarks, Walker presented Ariens with a decree issued from the State of Wisconsin that proclaimed Oct. 1, 2018 as Ariens Sno-Thro Machine Day. In return, Dan Ariens gave the governor a cast trophy in the likeness of the 4 millionth Sno-Thro, featuring the new, patented RapidTrak™ design.

When the ceremony was complete, Governor Walker was escorted to the assembly line to help start our journey to the 5 millionth Ariens Sno-Thro. With help from manufacturing leaders, Walker participated in the final steps of the Sno-Thro assembly procedure, including the application of a decal AriensCo is especially proud of.

"Now the most important part—made right here in the USA," said Walker as he peeled the decal from the reel and applied it onto the Sno-Thro housing.

To watch the event, log on to the Ariens Facebook channel and look for the video of our live broadcast of the celebration.