Ariens® has been in America’s back yard since 1933. Not just making lawn and snow products in America. We’ve been a champion of American-made moments.

It’s more than just an American manufacturing story. This is about the barbecues, the bubbles, and the baseball games. This is a celebration of America’s back yard. This is about a company that helps make it all come to life.

Orange Steel.

Red, White, & Blue Soul.

This is what we’re made of.

Welcome to our back yard.

3 U.S. plants in
Brillion, Wisconsin
and Auburn, Nebraska
1,400 Current U.S.
Manufacturing Jobs
750,000 sq/ft
= 13 football fields of
manufacturing space
Interview with Dan Ariens, Ariens Co. Chairman and CEO

Steel Resolve.

Our commitment to the U.S. is literally as strong as steel. Our time-tested products are known for their signature all-steel construction. Which means right here in the states, we shape, weld and paint nearly

70 million pounds of raw steel per year

equality sign


In 2015, Copenhagen, New York recorded the largest snowfall total at 256.2 inches of flakes. To us, that many flakes seems like a ton of fun. Sounds like we need to make a road trip to send it flying.

This is what we're made of.

We’ve built quite a legacy of American manufacturing, and our components have played an important part. Every year, we’re fabricating, stamping, welding, and painting nearly 26 million metal parts here in the U.S.

26,000,000 = 8,200 x the population of Brillion, WI

Turning steel into a story.

When you take a look at what goes on in our back yard – you will find hundreds of skilled U.S. workers fabricating, welding, forming, and painting in order to bring our powerful American machines to life.



This is how our all-steel machines begin to take shape.
The Ariens fabrication departments feature some of the largest press machinery in the Midwest. From high speed stamping presses to large and deep draw dies, the fabrication department turns approximately 60 million pounds of steel annually into millions of parts for our machines.


How a legend comes together.
Our current snow assembly line employs 60 precision assemblers operating in three different time sequenced areas. Our lawn and garden assembly lines utilize the same quality philosophy with automated carts, specific times stations, and real time reporting. Every employee involved with these sophisticated assembly operations is verbally and visually updated on changes by individual station screens offered in multiple languages. These screens are powered by the engineering department and refreshed every 15 seconds.


Bringing it together. One bead at a time.
Ariens Company has always considered welding one of its core competencies, with a highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art welding robotics ensuring consistent, high-quality precision welds. From fabricated mowing decks to an Ariens Sno-Thro® frame, our welding process is critical to upholding the Ariens Company standard of quality and craftsmanship.


Applying the unmistakable Ariens signature color.
At Ariens, it takes 558,000 pounds of powder and oven temps up to 400 degrees to bring our raw steel parts to life with protection and color. . But before our steel is powder-coated, it’s thoroughly prepped in a critical five-step pre-treating process to ensure the proper adhesion and coating requirements are met. This protect against premature and unwanted oxidation over time. Depending on the model and gauge of steel, the entire process can take up to 180 minutes from pretreatment to a fully painted kit.

The Great American
back yard.

There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.

Sounds like a great big green playground. We can’t wait to start cutting.

After 83 years, these are still the best tools of our trade.

At Ariens, we have a history of being hands on.

Our story was crafted by the hands of skilled workers right here in America. Real people, in real places making real products and genuine American moments.

25 tool and die makers with 600 years of cumulative experience and average tenure of 24 years

16 families with three generations of employment

The Official Sponsor of America's back yard.

At Ariens, we want to make your back yard look good, but we also want to know what your back yard means to you.

As the official sponsor of America’s back yard we invite you to share photos and stories of your American-made moments.

We will be featuring photos from across the nation on our social platforms, on our website, and in our literature to celebrate the great big American back yard.

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