Zero-Turn Mowers, Lawn Tractor, Walk-Behind Mowers & Finishing Tools

Zero-Turn Mowers

Turn-on-a-sixpence and mow your lawn in half the time of a conventional ride-on mower. Two handles are all you need to drive, brake and steer an Ariens zero-turn

Lawn Tractors

​​​With outstanding product quality and reliability, the Ariens E36 lawn tractor features one of the best cut and collect systems in the world. It can cut and collect grass with ease, even when wet,​​ and create the perfect striped lawn finish.​​

Walk-Behind Mowers

​Whether push or self-propelled, they’re all Ariens-approved. So every part, every detail and every interaction was thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted based on over 80 years of manufacturing experience.

Finishing tools

​The beauty of a garden is in the details. And our durable finishing tools get them right. Ergonomically designed, versatile and, of course, tough enough to earn the Ariens name.