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Turn to Zenith for peak performance – introducing the Zenith 60 zero-turn from Ariens

4/3/2019 5:00:00 AM

By: Helen Dearing,

Turn to the Zenith for Performance


Ariens has a reputation founded on engineering excellence—a tradition this eighty-year-old family brand has built into its latest offering, the Zenith 60 zero-turn mower. This is the largest zero-turn in the Ariens range and is packed with commercial features, combining performance, durability and strength with comfort and safety throughout the working day. It offers total manoeuvrability and turns through 360º on its own axis.


The Zenith is a professional's zero-turn mower, with its large 152cm (60”) cutter deck and fast ground speed for cutting grass quicker. It travels up to 8.5mph going forwards, and 4mph in reverse where needed which, combined with the ability to turn on the spot, helps to significantly improve productivity. Power comes from a reliable, premium grade Kawasaki FX730 V-Twin 726cc engine. The durable 10-gauge deck is designed with 14cm depth providing the optimal airflow needed to tackle tough mowing conditions. The Constant Belt Tension System ensures the correct tension, while minimising wear and heat to provide enhanced belt life.


Operators familiar with zero-turn mowers know you won't find a conventional steering system on the Zenith. Two control levers are all that's needed to drive, brake, steer and spin on the spot. Negotiating around objects has never been easier. At the end of the mowing row the Zenith effortlessly turns 180º saving time and without going over already cut grass.

The chassis is fitted with a Rollover Protection System (ROPS) as standard to protect the operator, providing peace of mind and letting them get on with delivering first class results. The high backed, ergonomically designed, padded seat features armrests and integrated isolators to help absorb body impacts from uneven surfaces. The Zenith cutting system boasts fifteen cutting positions in 0.6cm (¼") increments, from 38.1mm to 127mm, which can be simply adjusted by using the foot-operated deck lift system and moving the pin into the desired cutting height position.

For the dealer selling the Zenith, this is a sturdy product right down to the last nut and bolt. It is clearly a machine that'​​s built to last and while it has massive commercial specification it also represents real value for money. The Zenith comes with a two-year commercial warranty. Ariens is a growing brand in the UK, extending the dealer network and the provision of full back-up for servicing and parts. For more information contact Ariens on 01844 278800 or find your nearest Ariens dealer.

In the Snow Removal Business? Here's What to Look for in a Sno-Thro

12/1/2016 6:00:00 AM

​​​If you're a snow removal professional, you need equipment you ​​​​can rely on in any weather condition. Because unlike consumers who only need to make sure their drivewy is clear, your're responsble for the entire community. Ariens understands your unique needs. The first thing you need to think about is whether a single- or two-stage Sno-Thro will work best for the work that you do. Here are the top things to consider when purchasing a snow thrower for commercial use. 

Single-Stage Sno-Thros 

​Single-stage snow throwers are smaller than two-stage models, making them great for sidewalks or smaller driveways in urban environments. 

While these machines can only handle light to moderate snow fall, they're often the preferred choice for professionals because of their durability. At Ariens, our single-stage Path-Pro snow thrower was built with features ​such as steel side panels, robust and sturdy wheels and a protective rear guard, all of which increase the machine's durability, ensuring that it will be ready to work when you are. 

When you're clearing snow for a living, you need a piece of equipment that is able to ​​throw snow effectively and with power. ​Ariens Path-Pro models feature engines ​with a high output and throwing distance. Models with a 208cc engine are able to throw snow up to 35 feet away. ​​​

​Another reason professionals often choose a single-stage is because these models are very easy to service. ALl of the models in the Ariens Path-Pro family are designed with easy access to common service points such as the oil drain, spark plug and carburetor. ​​​

​Prehaps one of the most-loved things about single-stage snow-throwers is the fact that they are extremely easy to maneuver. The Ariens Path-Pro is light, yet durable, and foldable handlebars make it easy to load on and off trailers. These models are also made with erganomic handlebars, making clearing snow for multiple hours per day more comfortable. 


Two-Stage Sno-Thros

​​​​​​​For contractors in northern portions of the country where heavy snowfall is common, a two-stage snow blower may be a better option, as these models can handle any amount of snow. ​

First and foremost, professionals should look for units that are built with durable, long lasting components. Because two-stage snow throwers​ are preferred among consumers, the quality of these products can range quite a bit. Ariens is known for its durability. ​​From its all-steel construction to fully welded serrated augers to the cast iron gear case, each model in the Sno-Thro lineup is built to withstand the work for several years. 

​​​​​​​​Another consideration for the two-stage is throwing distance. In instances when you need to throw sno farther, a two stage will be your best choices. Ariens super high output (SHO) models can throw snow up to 50 feet. 

Additionally, two-stage snow throwers tend to come with upgraded feature options like hand warmers, quick-turn chutes and auto turn, making them easier and more comfortable to use, especially during long days. ​


Whether you choose a two-stage or single-stage machine, it's also important to consider the machine's warranty and the brand's reputation. Ariens is the King of Snow, and has been proudly manufacturing some of the industry's best snow throwers for more thatn 80 years. The brand has also consistently scored extremely high among other brands when being rated by outdoor power equipment dealers on warranty. 

For more information, visit or stop by your local independent Ariens dealer. 


Ariens® Introduces Kawasaki® Engine Options on APEX, IKON XL and IKON X Zero-Turn Mowers

11/28/2016 6:00:00 AM

​For its 2017 lineup, Ariens® will offer Kawasaki® engine options for the APEX, IKON XL and IKON X zero-turn mowers. This is the first time in several years that the brand has offered Kawasaki engines on their zero-turn line. 

The move comes as the brand has introduced several new and re-designed zero-turn solutions for homeowners over the past two years. In addition to a new brand look and logo, the brand’s lineup incorporates several innovative features that improve both efficiency and operator comfort. ​

Ariens Company Vice President of Marketing Matt Medden says that Kawasaki engines were selected because of their trust and preference among both homeowners and professionals alike. 

“Our Ariens line of zero-turn mowers were designed for homeowners, but we built them with many of the same features that commercial zero-turns incorporate,” said Medden. “Given the strong preference for Kawasaki in the commercial landscaping industry, we knew that we wanted to offer the same solution to our homeowners who want to buy the equipment that the pros use.”


Ariens will offer the Kawasaki FR V-Twin 24 HP engine on both the APEX 60-inch model and IKON XL 60-inch model, and the Kawasaki FR V-Twin 23 HP engine on the IKON X 52-inch model. The Ariens IKON X featuring the Kawasaki engine starts at a promotional price of $2,999 USD. 

The Ariens APEX and IKON XL models are available through authorized Ariens dealer only. The IKON X is available at both authorized Ariens dealers and at Home Depot locations across the country.  

For more information, visit  


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