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GIE+EXPO was a huge success for Ariens - Gravely

11/6/2013 6:00:00 AM

"This year's GIE show was a huge success, and it's a great time to meet current and prospective customers and showcase the wide range of commercial equipment we offer," says Brian Anundsen, commercial product marketing manager for Ariens Company.  

Our outdoor booth was very active as attendees stopped by to test drive the Pro-Turn 400 zero-turn commercial mowers as well as the Pro-Stance stand-on model and to sign up to win one of our giveaways.  The NEW 36-inch Pro-Stance model will be available for spring of 2014.  Others in attendance tried out chore products, including the vacuums and log splitters, to see how easy it can be to get ready for the fall and winter months!  We also had a new Commercial 21-inch  walk-behind available.

Each attendee who stopped by our outdoor booth had a chance to spin the prize wheel and possibly be entered into a drawing for the six products that were given away Friday afternoon.  Everyone went away with some type of prize, and we were very busy.   A total of more than $12,000 in equipment will be distributed to our winners!

The Outdoor Booth Prizes and Winners are:

Gravely Edger - Will Harvey, Lawn Force One, from Beach Grove, IN

Gravely Pro-Trim 22-inch string trimmer - Dustin Fussnecker, Fussnecker Tractor Sales, from Ripley, OH

Ariens Razor Walk Behind mower – David Gingerich, Jimmy Lawn Care, from Junction City, WI

Gravely Commercial 21-inch Walk-Behind mower - Susan Dunphy, Grapevine, from Creston, IA

Gravely Pro-Turn 148 commercial zero-turn mower - Derek Wells, Wells Lawn Care, from Bloomington, IN

The indoor booth also had a lot of activity with static displays of our equipment, a dueling piano bar reception Wednesday night and the popular Tapsnap machine where attendees could take your picture for a memento of the show.  You can view these pictures on our Gravely Facebook page

"We appreciate all of the dealers and landscape contractors who make the investment to attend GIE," says Mike Van Helvoirt, Ariens Company residential product marketing manager. "The giveaways are a small way for us to thank our booth visitors and customers."

Our Indoor Booth Prizes and Winners are:

Gravely Commercial 21-inch Walk-Behind mower – Terry Campbell, Jeffrey's Mower and Snow, from Indianapolis, IN

Richard Petty prize package – Josh Pitman from Paducah, KY

Visit our websites for additional information on Ariens and Gravely.

GIE + EXPO Trade Show, October 23-25, 2013, Louisville, KY

10/9/2013 5:00:00 AM

​The GIE + EXPO trade show provides products and information for all your landscaping needs.  If you are looking for a new mower, chore product or snow blower, stop by our Ariens and Gravely booth to check out your options.

REV IT UP With Gravely and slide into the cockpit to test drive one of these great machines. Look for the checkered flags at our outside booth #6262 where all the action is taking place. Take a SPIN on a piece of equipment then SPIN the wheel to find out just how lucky you are. Everyone is a winner but for the luckiest of winners move on to Plinko, where you could take home some BIG prizes. The grand prize is a Gravely Pro-Turn 100 Commercial Mower. Other prizes include the new Gravely 21" Commercial Walk, Gravely Pro-Trim™ and Gravely Edger along with the Gravely XD3 Mower and the Ariens Razor Self -Propelled mower. So jump on a solid machine and take a lap around the track.

Stop by our inside booth (#7120) to see the full line-up of equipment. Knowledgeable staff will be available to answer any of your questions. Sign up to win a Gravely 21" Commercial Walk-Behind Mower or go for the racing package with legendary #43 Richard Petty items including an autographed framed print along with a die-cast replica of the Gravely sponsored Petty car and life-size signed Richard Petty cutout. Other activities include a SnapTap photo booth to create a lasting memory of the event. It's all happening in the Ariens Company booth.

Check out all the other activities for this fun-filled three day event on their GIE+EXPO website.

Click here to receive 50% off your registration for the show.

Changing of the Guard - Lawn Mower to Snow Blower Maintenance Checklist

10/4/2013 5:00:00 AM

​Colder weather is fast approaching and it's time for the semi-annual 'changing of the guard,' from mower to blower. Soon you will retire your lawn mower to storage and begin prepping your snow blower for brave winter conditions. Whether you have a push lawn mower or riding mower, performing a few basic winterization tasks now will pay off next spring and help to extend the life of your machine. And as for your Sno Thro, give it a good checkup before the winter storms roll in and you really need it.  An Ariens dealer can help service your equipment each year as you enter the season of “Changing of the Guard.”

Use this checklist to help properly store your lawn mower and prep your snow blower, ensuring that your equipment stays tougher than the elements.

Good Bye Mower...

  1. Add Stabilizer to the Remaining Gas in Your Lawn Mower -  Most engine manufacturers recommend using a fuel stabilizer or draining the fuel system before putting the machine into storage. Mix the gasoline according to the instructions on the stabilizer container. Fill the machine's gas tank about 3/4 full (using low ethanol gasoline) and allow the machine to run for a few minutes to make sure stabilized gasoline is in the carburetor as well as the tank. If equipped, turn the fuel valve to the off position.

  2. Clean the Blades and Undercarriage - Clean the unit: wipe or blow off the clippings and debris from the top of the unit and check the belt(s) and idler pulleys for wear. Check the blades, as now is a great time to replace or sharpen the blades. Remove the ignition key and/or the spark plug wire before working under the mower deck!

  3. Annual Tune Up - (Optional - either now or in Spring) If you opt for maintenance before storage, take a look at our recommendations for tuning up your mower. Tuning up your mower - changing the spark plugs, oil, checking tire pressure and grease fittings - at least once every year will help your unit run smoother and burn fuel efficiently.

  4. Change the Oil - Change the oil and filter if equipped. Replace with the engine manufacturer's recommended oil and filter type. Please refer to the engine manual that came with your unit. Some of the Ariens owner's manuals also have these recommendations. You can also find recommendations on most engine manufacturers web sites: Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler, LCT, Robin/Subaru.

  5. Storing Your Mower - Let your lawn mower hibernate for the winter in a cool, dry place.

...Hello Blower

Take your Snow Blower Out of Storage - With another snow season underway (or fast approaching), it's time to move your Sno-Thro to the front of the garage where it belongs.

  1. Drain any Old Fuel Still Sitting in Your Snow Blower - When a gasoline engine is stored for an extended period, it may not start easily. There are several reasons why this could happen, but the most common is that the gasoline in the carburetor has evaporated away leaving a varnish-like residue that is preventing the flow of fuel. If this happens, it will be necessary to disassemble the carburetor and clean it thoroughly.

  2. Check Tire Pressure - Check the pressure of your snowblower's tires and adjust as needed to the pressure listed on the tire sidewall.

  3. Check Auger Gear Case Oil - Over the years, Ariens has used several lubricants in auger gear cases including grease and gear oil.  Modern auger gear cases on Sno-Thro and Sno-Tek models use synthetic gear oil. It is always best to check the owner's manual for a specific model to make sure the correct lubricant is being used. Here are some rules of thumb for checking auger gear case oil.

  4. Fill Engine Fuel Tank - Fill your fuel tank. Do not use gas with more than 10% ethanol (E10). Higher ethanol fuel is dangerous to use in any small engine equipment.

  5. Tighten the Bolts - After changing oil and finishing the visual inspection, check and make sure all nuts and bolts are tight on your machine. A snow blower vibrates during use, which may cause parts to become loose over time. Tighten any loose nuts and bolts to ensure optimal operation.

  6. Test - Turn on your snow blower to make sure it's working and ready for the first snow.

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