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Performance, Comfort and Value - Why Adam Matthews, Estates Manager for St. Michael’s School in Bryn, Wales, Specified the New Ariens ZENITH Zero-Turn

9/20/2019 5:00:00 AM


“We had a well-known brand of garden tractor on site which was fairly old and had packed in, even getting a second-hand model of this brand would have been at the top end of my budget. After visiting a local dealer to start looking at what machine to specify, I noticed the Zenith on display. I was pleasantly surprised at how robust it was. All the features were solid, there wasn’t a single part I thought was cheap or flimsy and that may breakdown in the near future. And I was even more surprised at how affordable it was. Price was a major factor in my decision of what machine to buy, we were looking at second-hand machines initially due to budgets. However, the brand-new Zenith was in our price range so to be able to buy this brand-new machine was a no brainer.

St Michael’s school is set i​n a rural setting, most fields used to be agricultural grazing fields, none are flat. All have some form of rise and fall. We’re not cutting cultivated grass; we’re cutting wild grass, so we need machinery capable of handling this thick grass. To-date, the Zenith has given us a very professional cut and the grass hasn’t put any strain on the Kawasaki motor. One thing I’ve noticed is the time savings I’ve made from using the Zenith against my previous machine, a tractor type mulcher with a front deck. Our previous machine used to overheat after an hour’s use, causing us to experience regular downtime whilst we waited for it to cool down for a further 45 mins. To do the site, it was taking us 2-3 days whereas with the Zenith we can do it in a day.

For all our grounds, we need something with a large cutting deck. And that’s why we specified the Zenith. Budgets play an important part and our previous machine was breaking our maintenance budget and the Zenith has the Kawasaki motor bolted on the back, so if anything does go wrong with it you can simply replace the motor, not the complete machine, so no issues. I like the fact there are no hydraulics, very few areas for that to go wrong. I wanted a machine that wasn’t going to give us any headaches. The Zenith really stands out, it really is a beautiful machine.


Comfort whilst you’re working is second to none, this is due to the minimal vibration through the machine due to its large back wheels. Our previous machine when we mowed over one field, bounced all over the place whereas the Zenith just seems to glide over it.

To summarise what I like most about this machine is that it is very fast, its cutting capability is exceptional, the ability to turn as and when you want it to - there and then is a real bonus. It really is an all-rounder and a very competitively priced product. I’m really, really happy with it!”​​​​


AriensCo to manufacture zero-turns in Britain

9/7/2019 5:00:00 AM


AriensCo has announced that production of Ariens brand zero-turn mowers will commence at the company’s factory in Great Haseley, Oxfordshire. It’s belie​​ved these will be the first zero-turns to be manufactured in Europe. AriensCo reports seeing an exceptional growth in demand for zero-turn mowers in the UK and Europe. This follows similar trends in the US, where sales h​ave more than tripled since 2003 as the popularity among users has soared. According to industry analysis, zero-turn sales in Europe have grown more than 30% over the last four years, making them the fastest growing category of ride-on mowers and third fastest in the lawn and garden power equipment sector.

“Sales of zero-turns in Europe have experienced exceptional growth over the past three years,” says Darren Spencer, Vice President - EMEA and Asia. “AriensCo has experienced this growth in numerous markets and, based upon extensive research with our distribution partners, we expect the growth to continue. This industry analysis points to the many opportunities to be met by producing zero-turns at our Great Haseley plant. We currently sell into ten different countries within Europe and aim to increase our European footprint in 2020. Future growth will accelerate as the benefits of zero-turn mowers are understood by customers. Zero-turn users are experiencing increased speed of cut and greater versatility over tractors and out-fronts.”

During 2019 AriensCo continues to make significant investment in the Oxfordshire factory in preparation for zero-tu​​rn production, including a new production line, fixtures and tooling. The UK will be manufacturing CE zero-turns for European markets only and will initially be producing the IKON, APEX and ZENITH models. Close collaboration with the US will be maintained to ensure products match up to Ariens’ reputation for manufacturing quality.


Zero-turn production in the UK is seen to offer significant advantages, allowing for rapid delivery and improved availability throughout the year. There is also potential for zero-turns to be adapted with features and benefits to meet local market needs. Increased utilisation of the manufacturing facility at Great Haseley will provide operational cost benefits and will generate a number of new jobs for the area. The first zero-turn to come off the production line will be at the end of October.


For further information or to become a dealer for AriensCo, please call 01844 278800 or email


I wish my dad had an Ariens APEX all those years ago – Peter Williams reviews the Ariens APEX

8/28/2019 5:00:00 AM

By: Peter Williams,

Ariens Apex Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

Peter Williams kindly reviews his new Ariens APEX 52 inch zero-turn mower in this video for the latest Ariens blog.

I purchased this mower early Springtime and I’ve been using it frequently since I purchased it. It was bought from our local dealer, Hertfordshire Garden Machinery.

It’s a fantastic mower, with a great cutting width. I have about an acre and a half of grassland and I purchased this machine with a view of maintaining my lawn and grounds as pain free and easy as possible. Its manoeuvrability is fantastic and goes right around trees, you hardly need to strim afterwards which is a big bonus.

The Apex comes with a Kawasaki FR691V engine – this is a great engine which starts every time with no problems. It has plenty of speed and power to it. If you’re just doing a quick trim, it gets really quickly and easily. It has nice big wheels at the back which goes up inclines really well. Perfect as our garden isn’t flat. The front wheels don’t actually push down on the grass too much surprisingly enough, so no big issues there.

Ariens Apex Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

I’ve got the mulching deck fitted as opposed to having a side discharge. It mulches it down to a finer amount of grass. There’s still some grass behind but that’s fine. The seat is fantastic. It is so comfortable. I can sit on there for a couple of hours and get off with no back pain whatsoever.

The machine is very smart to look at with a very solidly built deck. Am I impressed with the mower? 100%. I would definitely buy it again and really wish my dad had bought one when I was a kid as it would have saved me hours of time mowing the family lawn. Out of 10, I’d give it 9.9. Not much wrong with this machine, great value for money and I’d highly recommend it.

Ariens is a growing brand in the UK and Europe, For more information contact Ariens on 01844 278800 or ​ find your nearest Ariens dealer.

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