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Ariens APEX zero-turns – already adding value to the business

10/22/2019 5:00:00 AM

Alistair Stride, Regional Southern Manager for corporate horticulturist firm, Flora-tec Ltd explains how his recently specified Ariens APEX zero-turn mowers are already adding value to the business, in the latest edition of the Ariens blog.

“Flora-tec became aware of the Ariens APEX machines through our local dealer, Mark Brown at M&A Brown & Sons Ltd and Steve Campbell from Ariens, when we had arranged a demo for some alternative equipment. Mark brought these zero-turn machines down as he thought they would be suitable for the work our business does. Our first contact with the machines was at the start of this year and we were initially impressed with what we saw.

Where these machines fit with us is, Flora-tec run a lot of mobile teams to our clients’ sites across the south of England. We were running large pedestrian machines as these were easy to transport in our vans. Having a ride-on machine with a large deck, such as the 48” that also goes in the back of a van was a big selling point for us and the APEX 48” ticks that box. From a price point, the Ariens APEX zero-turn was an attractive choice, it was very competitive for its size and nature on the market. The APEX 48 was comparable on size and output performance with the pedestrian machines we were originally looking at. We wanted a smallish ride-on zero-turn that we could add to our portfolio. The four APEX machines we purchased are now out with the mobile teams, they’ve been running them for a few weeks now and are over the moon with them. We’ve had some positive feedback from the guys who use them, so we have been happy with our decision to specify them.

Flora-tec are corporate horticulturists who predominantly look after commercial sites, specifically corporate headquarters and office spaces. They tend to be more pristine sites so the fact that the APEX’ looked the part as well as delivered a clean cut was beneficial. We did order mulching kits for the zero-turns so they can cut rougher grass, extending the types of work we can undertake.

I was aware of the Ariens brand but hadn’t personally used them before. When I saw these, I was very impressed with the build quality. They look and feel very robust – the steel frame and big wheels show this zero-turn means business. The fact that they’re also fitted with a reputable branded Kawasaki twin cylinder engine with a good warranty, shows this is a decent machine that I have confidence in.

The APEX’s main saving to us is due to its size, it can go in a van. The saving for us is that we no longer need trailers to tow this sort of equipment around. This brings substantial fuel efficiencies and the need for compliant trailer towing licences, is no longer required. It makes things so much simpler and less of a hassle, these zero-turn machines go in the van and are then driven to the site without the need for acquiring trailers and trained staff. Lots of the new guys struggle to get the license so this solves that issue. As a business, anything that prevents downtime is critical to us and the APEX machines do that. Flora-tec’s team usually consist of three individuals and usually only one of them has the towing licence so this can be problematic. We run teams from south Devon through to the north of Norfolk and logistics can be challenging especially if there aren’t the personnel to move the equipment needed to complete the job. The APEX’ zero-turns come into their element here and we don’t have the hassle.

There are so many features of the APEX that I like – the seat is really comfortable. Operator comfort is essential as my guys are using these machines for several hours a day. The foot operated deck lift is so easy to use. The ergonomics of this means that the guys aren’t having to twist their body like they would with a hand operated deck lift and thus adds to the smoother operation of using the machine for longer periods of time. I like the fact that these machines don’t use a diesel engine, this makes for a less noisy machine and smoother engine operation. These are quieter machines, which is great for the operator and on the corporate sites we are working on.

To summarise, I would definitely recommend the Ariens APEX to other commercial gardening businesses. It’s an extremely versatile machine that’s got great manoeuvrability, and is a great size, weight and with a good configuration, is also able to fit into a van. My guys are already fighting over them. We’re very pleased with the four machines we have introduced into Flora-tec and they are already adding value”.

Ariens is a growing brand in the UK and Europe, For more information contact Ariens on 01844 278800 or find your nearest Ariens dealer.

Ariens Apex zero turn lawn mower

AriensCo introduces new Zenith zero-turn at Saltex

9/24/2019 5:00:00 AM


AriensCo will be exhibiting their complete range of zero-turn mowers at Saltex 2019. On display will be the IKON-X, APEX and the all-new ZENITH for professionals, together with the ZOOM domestic zer​o-turn.

Ariens Ikon X


The Ariens IKON X is a tough, durable zero-turn packed with commercial quality features. Built with a tubular steel frame for unprecedented strength, the IKON X comes with a 11.4cm (4½") deep fabricated deck made of 10-gauge steel. A padded high-back seat offers the operator total comfort. There’s an easy dial-operated system for cutting height selection. and a choice of 107cm (42") or 132cm (52") cutting widths.

Ariens Apex


Ariens APEX is a top-of-the-class zero-turn with commercial grade features and performance. With its industry leading steel frame design, the APEX offers durability and comfort. It comes with a 14cm (5½”) deep fabricated deck made of 10-gauge steel, with a reinforced leading edge providing the airflow to tackle tough mowing conditions. The plush, padded high back seat and armrests are designed to enhance operator comfort and reduce fatigue. The foot-operated deck lift system is simple and intuitive, providing effortless adjustment between 15 cutting positions. The APEX offers a choice of 122cm (48”) or 132cm (52”) cutting widths.

Ariens Zenith


The all-new Ariens ZENITH 60 is designed for the professional looking for all day, everyday use from their mower. It’s packed with commercial grade features and provides maximum performance with its large 152cm (60”) cutter deck and faster ground speed. The steel frame supports a folding ROPS, fitted as standard, for added protection and peace of mind.

Ariens Zoom


ZOOM domestic zero-turn is the ideal choice for those looking to mow a large lawn quickly and comfortably. It features a one-piece deck made of 12-gauge steel and intuitive foot-operated deck lift.

Ariens CE zero-turns are manufactured in their UK plant. The complete range of products, including walk-behind mowers and snow throwers, is sold through approved dealers.

Visit Ariens at stand F041 and speak to one of the sales representatives for further information on the Ariens product range. Alternatively visit or call 01844 278800.

Performance, Comfort and Value - Why Adam Matthews, Estates Manager for St. Michael’s School in Bryn, Wales, Specified the New Ariens ZENITH Zero-Turn

9/20/2019 5:00:00 AM


“We had a well-known brand of garden tractor on site which was fairly old and had packed in, even getting a second-hand model of this brand would have been at the top end of my budget. After visiting a local dealer to start looking at what machine to specify, I noticed the Zenith on display. I was pleasantly surprised at how robust it was. All the features were solid, there wasn’t a single part I thought was cheap or flimsy and that may breakdown in the near future. And I was even more surprised at how affordable it was. Price was a major factor in my decision of what machine to buy, we were looking at second-hand machines initially due to budgets. However, the brand-new Zenith was in our price range so to be able to buy this brand-new machine was a no brainer.

St Michael’s school is set i​n a rural setting, most fields used to be agricultural grazing fields, none are flat. All have some form of rise and fall. We’re not cutting cultivated grass; we’re cutting wild grass, so we need machinery capable of handling this thick grass. To-date, the Zenith has given us a very professional cut and the grass hasn’t put any strain on the Kawasaki motor. One thing I’ve noticed is the time savings I’ve made from using the Zenith against my previous machine, a tractor type mulcher with a front deck. Our previous machine used to overheat after an hour’s use, causing us to experience regular downtime whilst we waited for it to cool down for a further 45 mins. To do the site, it was taking us 2-3 days whereas with the Zenith we can do it in a day.

For all our grounds, we need something with a large cutting deck. And that’s why we specified the Zenith. Budgets play an important part and our previous machine was breaking our maintenance budget and the Zenith has the Kawasaki motor bolted on the back, so if anything does go wrong with it you can simply replace the motor, not the complete machine, so no issues. I like the fact there are no hydraulics, very few areas for that to go wrong. I wanted a machine that wasn’t going to give us any headaches. The Zenith really stands out, it really is a beautiful machine.


Comfort whilst you’re working is second to none, this is due to the minimal vibration through the machine due to its large back wheels. Our previous machine when we mowed over one field, bounced all over the place whereas the Zenith just seems to glide over it.

To summarise what I like most about this machine is that it is very fast, its cutting capability is exceptional, the ability to turn as and when you want it to - there and then is a real bonus. It really is an all-rounder and a very competitively priced product. I’m really, really happy with it!”​​​​