Log Splitter


Front 3/4
Rear 3/4
34-Ton Log Splitter

Horizontal and vertical splitting positions. Durable and easy-to-use.

Cast iron hydraulic pumps, high temperature return line hoses, and industrial couplings mean each unit is built to last. Horizontal and vertical splitting positions. Centrally located controls and an open operating zone allow for operation from both sides of the machine.

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Wedge Design

Tapered wedge design requires less force and tonnage to split logs faster and more efficiently.

Premium Subaru Engines

Powered by premium Subaru engine that is quiet, easy-to-use and trusted in the industry.

40 mph Towing Speeds

Rated for towing speeds up to 64kph (40 mph), so take it onto more roads and use it for more jobs

Horizontal and Vertical Splitting Positions

When splitting large, heavy, awkward logs, choose from horizontal or vertical splitting position to attack from the best angle.

Centrally Located Controls

The thoughtfully placed controls allow operation from either side of the machine, for flexibility in tight situations.

Durable Components

All-steel body. Cast-iron hydraulic pumps. High-temp return line hoses. Industrial-grade couplings. It’s built to last.

Log Splitter Series Models

27-ton Log Splitter

Ariens 27-ton Log Splitter 917300 4.5 68
  • ​​15-sec Cycle Time
  • Subaru Engine
  • 169cc