Zero-Turn Mowers, Garden Tractors, Walk-Behind Mowers & Finishing Tools

Zero-Turn Mowers

​With Ariens, zero-degree turning was only the beginning. These cut your mowing time in half with faster speeds and superior manoeuvrability than lawn tractors. And, with many attachments available​, they do a lot more than just mow.

Garden Tractors

With outstanding product quality and reliability, Ariens garden tractors​ feature one of the best cut and collect systems in the world. They can cut and collect grass with ease, even when wet,​​ and create the perfect striped lawn finish. For year-round garden care, the engine’s power can be utilised to run attachments.​​

Walk-Behind Mowers

Ariens’ range of self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers bring ease and performance to lawn maintenance​. Every part, every detail and every interaction was thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted, based on over 80 years of manufacturing experience.

Finishing tools

The beauty of a garden is in the details. And our durable finishing tools get them right. Ergonomically designed, versatile and, of course, tough enough to earn the Ariens name.​