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An inside look at the redesigned handlebars of the Ariens® Power Brush 36 and Hydro Brush 36

11/24/2015 6:00:00 AM

​The Ariens® Power Brush and Hydro Brush minimize facility and contractor liability for ice-related accidents by clearing up to six inches of snow from pavement, pathways, parking lots and other exterior areas in a single pass. Ariens Company has recently redesigned the handlebars of its Power Brush 36 and Hydro Brush 36, so we talked with Ariens Company Snow Product Manager Rob Wittl for his insight on the project. 

What is your role at Ariens Company?
I'm a product manager at Ariens Company. My role is to ensure that new snow products and enhancements meet or exceed customer needs and fulfill our long-term brand strategy. I work with our sales, engineering, supply chain, manufacturing and finance groups to manage the snow product line, while integrating the customer voice to deliver the best snow products that we can to the market.

Why were the Power Brush 36 and Hydro Brush 36 handles redesigned?
At Ariens Company, it's important to us to constantly enhance the user experience because it helps us meet our objective of maximizing customer satisfaction. The handlebar redesign project came out of us working with our customers and using their feedback to ensure that the Power Brush and Hydro Brush are high-performing, authentic, easy-to-use machines that are built to last.

What was Ariens Company's goal when redesigning the handlebars?
Our goal for handlebar redesign on the Power Brush 36 and Hydro Brush 36 was to improve the lifecycle of the product, operator performance and the aesthetic. 

​Why is the new handlebar design for the Power Brush 36 and Hydro Brush 36 unique from the competition?
The Power Brush is an all-season solution, which has always provided excellent value and functionality compared to our competition. Enhancing the handlebars provides even more durability, especially for commercial users. 

What audiences might find this product useful?
Besides consumers, other primary customers for the Power Brush 36 and Hydro Brush 36 include facility maintenance professionals, universities and schools, municipalities, apartment and housing complexes, and landscape contractors.