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Ariens Company . . . Building a Better Experience for You, our Customer

3/17/2014 5:00:00 AM

Ariens Company uses an approach known as a Kaizen event to promote continuous improvement within the company.  Kai means "change," and zen means "good" thus encouraging our employees to schedule events to make improvements every day to provide a better experience for everyone involved whether it is an employee, supplier, end-user, etc.

We will share more aspects of Ariens Company and their focus on continuous improvement in future blog posts including our 15 principles, lean tools, strategic planning, etc. so stay tuned for more information on these topics as you won't want to miss them.

Here is an example of a recent Kaizen event that was held last week in Brillion discussing how to create an excellent onboarding experience for every employee starting on the first day they start to work. 

Ariens Company strives to be the "Employer of Choice," and this Kaizen event takes us in that direction by having a group of current employees meet and gather the "Voice of Customer" from our new employees as well as our current managers and leaders of the company.  We want to welcome our new employees and make them part of our family. 

A big part of making them feel welcome is educating them on what they need to know to perform their job and teaching them of the Ariens Company way.  Our Mission Statement is - Passionate People. Astounded Customers, and our Kaizen events help us accomplish that goal.  Ariens Company goes the extra mile to astound our customers, and you will see more examples of how we do this in future blog posts.