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Ariens® Power Brush Clears Walkways of Snow and Ice In One Pass

11/13/2014 6:00:00 AM

‚ÄčThe Ariens® Power Brush minimizes facility and contractor liability for ice-related accidents by clearing up to 6" of snow from pavement, pathways, parking lots, and other exterior areas in a single pass. The strong and durable polypropylene brush cleans so completely that salt, sand, and chemicals are not needed saving facility managers and contractors time, labor and cost. Flexible bristles adapt to the surface contour and will not damage or discolor decorative surfaces and landscapes. The rugged machine is designed and built by Ariens®, the industry-leading manufacturer of snow removal equipment.

The powerful all-season Subaru® engine assures fast starts in cold weather. Thanks to the automatic traction control for effortless steering, user friendly controls, and flexible brush height adjustment system, walkways and other outdoor surfaces are cleared quickly and easily with minimal brush wear. A choice of three different models with brush sizes ranging from 28" to 36" and select options let customers choose the unit that best fits their individual needs.  

"The Ariens Power Brush provides facility and maintenance managers who value 'work that gets noticed' with a way to keep paved surfaces safe for employees, customers, visitors, and the public," says Michelle Kopecky, Ariens Product Marketing Manager. "And, by eliminating the need for salt and chemicals, it reduces risk and helps safeguard the environment."

In addition to snow removal, the Ariens Power Brush has multiple uses for other maintenance tasks throughout the year. It can be used for debris removal, lawn thatching, turf fluffing, parking area maintenance, leaf removal, and general cleanup. The versatile Ariens Power Brush replaces other costly outdoor maintenance tools and products at a fraction of the cost with prices starting at $1,999.

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