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Top 6 Snow Blower Safety Tips from Ariens Company, "The King of Snow"

12/12/2013 6:00:00 AM

Snow blowers can certainly make the job of removing snow an easier task. But there are a few tips homeowners need to keep in mind to make sure they clear snow safely.

Here are the top 6 snow blower safety tips from Ariens Company, The King of Snow.

1. Read your owner's manual before you even start your snow blower, so that you understand all of the recommended operation and safety procedures.

2. Keep the area of operation clear of all toys, pets, and debris. Thrown objects can cause injury.

3. Don't throw the snow toward people or other property that may be injured or damaged by thrown objects.

4. Keep your hands and feet away from all moving parts, and keep clear of the auger while the engine is running.

5. Before removing clogs or servicing your machine disengage the clutch, stop the engine, remove the key, and wait for all moving parts to stop. Only use a clean-out tool to clear blockages; never use your hands.

6. Choose the right snow blower. Factors like the size of your driveway/sidewalk, the type/amount of snow you typically get, and who will be using the snow blower most of the time are important considerations. New features like Auto-Turn™ zero-turn steering technology make it easier to maneuver a big, powerful snow blower without having to fumble with triggers.