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The future’s bright, the future’s Ariens orange

1/20/2020 6:00:00 AM


Mark and Amanda Brown, owners of M&A Brown & Sons Ltd, a groundcare and garden machinery specialist in Kent, United Kingdom talk to Out Working magazine about how they become Ariens dealers and the successes they have had to-date.

“We became an Ariens dealer by chance, three years ago. We had space on our stand at the Kent County show and my sales representative suggested we take an Ariens zero-turn and test the interest. We had heard the name Ariens before but hadn’t seen any of their zero-turn mowers. The interest we got at the show was fantastic; we sold three machines that day and we haven’t looked back since.

Zero-turns are still relatively new to the UK market although the momentum for these machines is increasing dramatically. Demonstrations are key to helping customers understand the benefits of zero-turns over tractors and we invite them to sit on the product and literally take it for a spin. Whether a demo is done at their premises or ours, once they get over the initial fear of how to drive a zero-turn - they absolutely love it! We actively encourage our customers to demo a zero-turn because its not until you drive one that you grasp how much faster and more manoeuvrable, they are. Customers have told us early on after purchasing a zero-turn, that their cutting time is dramatically reduced in comparison to their old tractor mowers. Most of the zero-turns we sell are sold with mulch kits.

In the three years of becoming an Ariens dealer we have sold 41 machines, each year selling more than double the amount of the previous year. When Ariens launched the APEX machine at the end of 2017, we saw the number of commercial sales increase and the launch of the ZENITH 60 in Spring 2019, has seen this growth increase further. The APEX 48 is our most popular machine, especially with the commercial operator. They are converting to these zero-turns over other machinery for their speed, manoeuvrability and cutting capability and the fact they fit in the back of a van. This negates the need for staff to tow trailers and employers having to pay for employees to take their trailer test.

In my opinion Ariens’ machines are built to a very high standard and are competitively priced. The very positive feedback we get from our customers, cements my confidence in the brand and we are looking forward to seeing what new products they will add to their UK portfolio. The support we get from the Ariens team is exceptional. Building relationships with my suppliers is very important to my business and they tick all the boxes here. We believe Ariens are the market leader for zero-turns in the UK and we’re proud to be a dealer. We’re looking forward to continuing our success. The future is bright, the future is orange – Ariens orange to be precise!”



To find out more about Ariens zero-turns or to become an Ariens dealer, visit ​ or call 01844 278800.


Big turnout for Ariens at Saltex

11/26/2019 6:00:00 AM

AriensCo returned to Saltex this year with several zero-turn models from their range, including the new ZENITH 60 professional mower. The company says the show was exceptional for its number of visitors to their stand and the quality of the leads taken, which will be passed on to the dealer network. The Ariens zero-turns also drew a great deal of attention fr​om prospective dealers interested in selling both the professional and domestic machines.

“We had a large number of dealers come to the stand to talk about the market for zero-turns,” says Ariens Area Sales Manager, Richard Williams, “and end-users and contractors wanting to know about the potential benefits of using the machines. It was the first time we have shown the new Zenith, which is one of the zero-turn mowers we are manufacturing in the UK.” Ariens is the only zero-turn manufacturer in Europe and made the decision to produce a number of models in Britain based on the fast-growing demand experienced over recent years. Hear Richard’s interview with Turf TV as he discusses the success of Ariens in the UK.

“Users are drawn to our zero-turns for their comfort, durability and above all, cost-effectiveness,” says Richard, “their speed and large deck sizes make a very big saving in time and that in-turn contributes substantially to the cost of the machine.” These features and benefits very much apply to the all-new Ariens ZENITH 60 which is designed for the professional looking for all-day, everyday use from their mower. It offers commercial-grade features and outstanding performance with its large 152cm (60”) cutter deck and faster ground speed. AriensCo points out that this commercial quality, the durable industry-leading steel frames and high performance apply across the entire Ariens range of zero-turn mowers.


Also on show at Saltex were two new Ariens concept machines. These were very well received, enjoying a great deal of positive feedback from visitors to the Ariens stand. These machines are currently being considered for the European market. Ariens zero-turns are manufactured in their UK plant. The complete range of products, including walk-behind mowers and snow throwers, is sold through approved dealers.

For more information visit to find your nearest dealer or call 01844 278800.

Performance, Comfort and Value - Why Adam Matthews, Estates Manager for St. Michael’s School in Bryn, Wales, Specified the New Ariens ZENITH Zero-Turn

9/20/2019 5:00:00 AM


“We had a well-known brand of garden tractor on site which was fairly old and had packed in, even getting a second-hand model of this brand would have been at the top end of my budget. After visiting a local dealer to start looking at what machine to specify, I noticed the Zenith on display. I was pleasantly surprised at how robust it was. All the features were solid, there wasn’t a single part I thought was cheap or flimsy and that may breakdown in the near future. And I was even more surprised at how affordable it was. Price was a major factor in my decision of what machine to buy, we were looking at second-hand machines initially due to budgets. However, the brand-new Zenith was in our price range so to be able to buy this brand-new machine was a no brainer.

St Michael’s school is set i​n a rural setting, most fields used to be agricultural grazing fields, none are flat. All have some form of rise and fall. We’re not cutting cultivated grass; we’re cutting wild grass, so we need machinery capable of handling this thick grass. To-date, the Zenith has given us a very professional cut and the grass hasn’t put any strain on the Kawasaki motor. One thing I’ve noticed is the time savings I’ve made from using the Zenith against my previous machine, a tractor type mulcher with a front deck. Our previous machine used to overheat after an hour’s use, causing us to experience regular downtime whilst we waited for it to cool down for a further 45 mins. To do the site, it was taking us 2-3 days whereas with the Zenith we can do it in a day.

For all our grounds, we need something with a large cutting deck. And that’s why we specified the Zenith. Budgets play an important part and our previous machine was breaking our maintenance budget and the Zenith has the Kawasaki motor bolted on the back, so if anything does go wrong with it you can simply replace the motor, not the complete machine, so no issues. I like the fact there are no hydraulics, very few areas for that to go wrong. I wanted a machine that wasn’t going to give us any headaches. The Zenith really stands out, it really is a beautiful machine.


Comfort whilst you’re working is second to none, this is due to the minimal vibration through the machine due to its large back wheels. Our previous machine when we mowed over one field, bounced all over the place whereas the Zenith just seems to glide over it.

To summarise what I like most about this machine is that it is very fast, its cutting capability is exceptional, the ability to turn as and when you want it to - there and then is a real bonus. It really is an all-rounder and a very competitively priced product. I’m really, really happy with it!”​​​​