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  • our powerful two-stage design is unmatched.

    • Steel Augers

      First, Ariens uses the largest-in-class, 14" diameter, fully welded, steel serrated augers. The augers are driven by the largest shear bolts available and are easy to service for reduced downtime and long-term durability.

    • Cast iron gear case

      Driving the augers is the best-in-class Ariens heavy-duty large cast iron gear case. Ariens uses a unique high strength, alloy steel worm gear design and high-end synthetic gear oil to ensure maximum strength and durability. The Ariens large cast iron gear case also creates the industry’s fastest auger ratio to help you move more snow in less time.

    • Moves 30% more snow

      As snow moves towards the back of the Sno-Thro into the largest intake tunnel and impeller in the industry, it moves 30% more snow than the competition creating its well-known superior performance. The impeller is designed with safety in mind and is freeze-resistant for use in the worst winter conditions.

    • Dual belt system

      The snow is driven up and out of the chute by the only dual belt auger/ impeller drive system in its class. This allows the Sno-Thro to sustain maximum power indefinitely without the need for adjustments and a longer belt life than any competitor can offer.

    • All-Steel Contruction

      All-steel constructed, the chute is able to take the punishing sub-zero impacts of snow, ice and ingested debris that a plastic chute cannot.

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